Q:  What is a TapeWeight?
  A:  It's a patented specialty hand tool designed to slide easily onto the end of a tape measure that provides tension on the tape and weighs it down.

Q:  Why would I need one?  A:  If you needed to take a measurement while, for example, standing atop a ladder or a lift, you wouldn't need to be concerned about a breeze blowing your tape measure aside -- and you wouldn't need a second pair of hands to hold the tape and help you take your measurement. In heavier winds, the TapeWeight will provide enough weight on the end of your tape measure so you can get it to another person standing below. If you are in the trades or are a big do-it-yourselfer, you know how frustrating it can be when your tape measure is being blown all over the place while you're trying to take a measurement!

Q:  What is it made of?
  A:  Specially molded ABS plastic filled with weighted material.

Q:  How does it stay on the tape measure?  A:  The TapeWeight is molded with a slot in the middle that includes extra space toward the bottom for the rivets near the blade of the tape measure. Once you slide the TapeWeight onto the tape measure and slide it to the blade end of your tape, the curve and the rivet slot hold it in place. 

Q:  Where did it come from?  A:  The TapeWeight was invented by a tradesman who got the idea after seeing other tradesmen attaching clamps, or taping other materials to, their tape measures to weigh them down on the job.

Q:  Why would I want a specialty tool like that if I could use clamps?  A:  Because it is made specifically to fit securely on a tape measure; clamps (and other things one might use to weigh the tape measure down) will eventually damage or break your tape measure!

Q:  How much does it cost?  A:  The TapeWeight costs just $10.00 plus the cost of shipping.

Q:  How can I get one?  A:  We can ship a TapeWeight to any location in the United States by Priority Mail for $7.90. Buy up to 4 TapeWeights in a single order and shipping is still only $7.90! Most orders are received within a few days of shipment. 

Q:  What if I have more questions?  Complete the form on the "Contact Us" page and we'll get right back to you. We'd love to hear from you!

The TapeWeight is made in the U.S.A. and is protected under U.S. Patent No. 7,487,600.
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